Best Portable Phone Charger: StrideCharge Charge Case - A Trusty Companion for Your Charging Needs?

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In an era where staying connected is more essential than ever, the StrideCharge Charge Case emerges as a beacon of convenience and versatility. This best portable charger, designed to keep your phone powered and ready, promises to be a trusty companion for your charging needs. But does it truly deliver on its promises? Let’s find out!

Key Takeaways

  • Unbox the StrideCharge Charge Case to experience its impressive charging capacity and reliable performance.
  • The StrideCharge Mount offers a convenient bike phone mount by allowing you to mount your phone to your bike and wirelessly charge it.

Unboxing the StrideCharge Charge Case

StrideCharge Case and Mount on a dark table with head phones and a book

Opening the StrideCharge Charge Case, it immediately becomes apparent why it’s often acclaimed as a top portable charger.

  • Compact and lightweight, this charge case is designed for easy portability.
  • The charging capacity is impressive - the Charge Case will fully recharge your phone from empty.

How Does the StrideCharge Work?

A person holding their phone in a StrideCharge Case while the StrideCharge Mount is attached to a bikes handlebars

There are two main components to the StrideCharge, the Charge Case and the Mount. The Charge Case is a wireless charging phone case that will protect your phone and wirelessly charge it. The Mount attaches securely and easily to your handlebars and requires no tools. The Charge Case lock into the Mount securely and disengages with ease. Once the mount is securely fastened onto your bike’s handlebar, you just need to lock your phone into the mount. You can wirelessly charge your phone both on and off your bike, you just have to press the button on the back of the phone charging case to start charging your phone.

Who is the StrideCharge Charge Case For?

But who is the StrideCharge Charge Case intended for? It caters to a wide range of users, including travelers, remote workers, and students, who often need mobility and a fully charged phone. Whether you’re commuting, cycling, traveling, or just needing a daily boost, the StrideCharge Charge Case is designed to keep your devices powered throughout the day.

And, it’s not just about convenience - it’s also about durability. Constructed from robust materials, the StrideCharge Charge Case is designed to withstand the demands of travel, making it a reliable portable phone charging case.

Aesthetics and Build Quality

The StrideCharge Charge Case goes beyond functionality to incorporate style. The design emphasizes both aesthetic appeal and durability. Crafted from high-grade ABS and TPU materials, the case is robust and visually striking.

The materials used are known for their exceptional durability and shock-absorbing properties, delivering added protection for your device while maintaining an attractive, streamlined design.

Real-World Charging Scenarios

A cyclist walking beside his bike and using his phone with the Stride Charge Case on his phone

A deeper understanding of the StrideCharge Charge Case’s capabilities necessitates exploring some practical charging scenarios. The StrideCharge Charge Case will allow you to wirelessly charge your phone anytime, anywhere. You can use it with the Stride bike phone mount, so you can keep your phone securely mounted to your handlebars on all your rides. When you are done riding, you can un-lock your phone from the bike phone mount and take your phone with you and still have the ability to charge your phone whenever you need that extra power boost.

Moreover, the StrideCharge Charge Case addresses practical needs, providing the capability to charge your phones, which is ideal for prolonged periods without access to power sources.

Is the StrideCharge Charge Case Worth It?

So, does the StrideCharge Charge Case offer good value? It definitely is!

It offers a battery capacity of 4800mAh, which can fully recharge your device from empty. If you frequently need additional battery life for your devices when you’re away from a power source, a portable charger like the StrideCharge Charge Case can indeed be a worthwhile investment. Plus, it is the only product on the market that will provide you the option to mount the charge case to the bike phone mount.


In conclusion, the StrideCharge Charge Case offers a blend of convenience, versatility, and durability. It’s designed for a diverse audience, including travelers, cyclists, remote workers, and students, making it a handy companion for those on the move. With a substantial charging capacity and ability to mount to the bike phone mount, it certainly stands out amongst other portable chargers in its class.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my phone need to be attached to my bike to charge my phone?

No, the StrideCharge Charge Case will wirelessly charge your phone both on and off your bike.

What is the charging capacity of the StrideCharge Charge Case?

The StrideCharge Charge Case has a high charging capacity that includes 4800 mAh, allowing you to recharge your phone from empty.

Does StrideCharge allow you to mount your phone to your handlebars?

Yes, the StrideCharge will allow you to mount your phone to your handlebars using the StrideCharge Handlebar Mount, so you can keep your phone within view and fully charged on all your rides.

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